About me and egglixir

Welcome to our opening blog post! I wanted to share with you my thoughts on egglixir and introduce you to myself, my work and why I developed the egglixir nutritional supplement and how and why it evolved to the power house it is today!

My name is Matthew Brownell and I have been in the health wellness field for over 30 years as a professional and I was brought up with natural healing around me in my youth, as my late mother was also a practitioner of holistic medicine.

I developed the egglixir nutrient to help with after care of my clients / patients, knowing that to fully support an aligned body it would be best to have a good fuel source for energy but also seeing the studies by Dr Eskaland on how the egg protein lowers cortisol I saw the a perfect fit to work with my as named business stress solutions, as you know many stress related ailments affect the hormonal system.

The principal of the nutrient also fitted well with my work, which is to be able to supply the body with the raw ingredients it needs to best make use of the resources given, so instead of forcing nutrients into the body to bring a desired result, give the body the raw ingredients to make what it needs.

So for example any of the amino acids that end in “INE” like Leucine for example, they all go towards helping the hormones of the body for men and women.

With each of these posts I would like to hopefully educate you as to why the most complete nutrient has been formulated using the highest quality ingredients with Egglixir, it has always been my way to research discover and bring to market for the health and wellness of people the best solutions for your health, so hope you enjoy these newsletters and blogs and I will soon also bring you more video blogs and case studies for your viewing and listening.

I do hope that you are well and I also wanted to let you know that over the Easter period to celebrate the power of the egg we will have a new power promotion for you to introduce this wonderful product to your friends!

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